Work With Me

You Need Brainstorming, Strategy, “Help, My Life Is About to Be Upside-Down” – You?

Although I am not currently taking on long-term projects, I do conduct brainstorming and strategy sessions with people on Fridays. Drop me a line and let’s chat to see if we’re a match. If you are on the precipice of a lot of scary things, we might be right for each other. I am above all, a change agent. And a ‘chicken sexer’.

I also run Board of Us — which will start again in early 2013.

Q: Why are you not taking on long-term projects?

A: Right now, I’m writing something long and involved and working on a series of my own projects. To help facilitate that transition, I moved across the country from New York City to Portland, Oregon where I live next to a volcano. And a labyrinth. And I write and play and explore here. It is awesome here and I have a guest room but you have to talk to me for a year on Twitter first.


I love collaborators. I am always looking for talented people to connect with: designers, writers, strategists, fire-eaters, foodies, quirky business owners, facilitators (who don’t use words like that) and other assorted wunderkind. I would really really love to meet an illustrator or two. Shout nicely at me on the Twitter, please. 

Casting Call – Do You Make Up Your Own Job Title? Are You Weird? Cringe-Worthy to Some?

Bask in it, fellow traveler. Show us your gifts.  Is what you do in the world quirky, fun, uniquely you? Like you can’t not do it? I’m doing a storytelling series of people I call Chief Amusement Designers. Where obsession meets talent and more than a touch of quirk. I’d love to feature you if you fit the bill. Connect, fellow CAD. Tell me something of yourself.