Killer Content: Get Your War on at SXSW

by Melea on March 12, 2012

SXSW Interactive

Yesterday morning I saw two tweets juxtaposed in my Twitter feed. I found them so jarring I took a picture. One was offering a free e-book. The other, breaking the news (to me) that a US soldier had killed 16 civilians in Afghanistan.

I noticed it. And then I went to my first session of the morning — where the word “war” was used flippantly and out of context — again. It was the third session of seven I had been to in two days that used war: #techwars #storywars or #warstories as a hashtag. Anyway, this storify story is about that. Disclaimer: Amber Case was brilliant. She really did “kill it” but why can’t’ we say she was brilliant?

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