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by Melea on February 25, 2011

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Board of Us is a thing I made that is like a Board of Directors for individuals. The agenda is you. And the agenda is everyone else, too.

At Board of Us, we work on your stuff: ¬†finding joy again, growing your audience, building a following, making your website not suck, expanding your business, selling your book, promoting your art, creating something new, breaking an industry, naming a product (I hope. I love to do that). etc. in real-time. These are customized, each one organized around topics that the group brings to the table. I have no idea what the next Board of Us will do. That’s part of the wow.

So, how does Board of Us work?

I design our Board of Us sessions around your challenges, which I like to think of as “opportunities.”

Then, we as a group make up the rules of engagement. I facilitate. I teach. I tell stories. I pay for space and wifi and our projector and bring us snacks. Depending on the needs of the group, we may have a guest ‘expert’. I have a few fun–and helpful–tricks up my hoodie sleeve, too.

What else? I connect you in any way I can to who and what you need to grow your big thing. Sound scary? Good. Because that’s how change happens.

There is also a secret Board of Us online community where you have access to everyone who has ever participated in a Board. You can ask questions and get feedback from other people between the times that we meet.

I don’t have all the answers; no one does. My goals are to help you ask better questions. And be more resourceful. And get help. And grow. And possibly discover a new collaboration or a new angle you never would have thought of on your own. I created a Board of Us for myself when I created my business and made this little life I have now. And then I kept creating them.¬† I think it’s a terrific way to learn. And it’s an amazingly rewarding way to teach. I could go on. And I do.¬†

Board of Us Rules

1. Each Board is heterogeneous.

2. Content discussed during sessions is confidential. Board of Us is like Fight Club for making art.

3. ‘Fun’ and ‘social’ makes learning happen. (That’s not really a rule).

4. Everyone is treated with respect. No bad behavior. No “Mean Girls”.

5. You can email me during the duration of the class with questions until I say, “UNCLE”.

6. I promise to “show up”. You will too.

How many people can participate? Five.

Intrigued enough to know more? Get on the mailing list. And/or Email me for more details.






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