Domain Name Day: Need a New Gig? Become a 2012 Coach. Maybe the Mayans Were Right… ;)

by Melea on July 29, 2010

It’s Domain Name Day at CAD.

Quick recap about Domain Name Day: I own a lot of domains. I can’t help it. I usually buy them in the middle of the night after a dream. And in an effort to streamline my life, I’m auctioning them off–along with the business idea that goes with them.

So, today’s domain name: Your business, your website, your very own internet meme.

Possibilities: 875 days of Endless.

Think about it; it’s timely. 2012 is only a year and a half away. Becoming a 2012 coach is a booming business at the apex of the explosion in life coaching, apocalyptic foreshadowing (________________), and the palpable nervousness inspired by the Mayan calendar’s tick-ticking away.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, according to the Mayan calendar, the world–as we know it–ends December 21, 2012.

I know!

As of July 29, 2010, 12/21/12 is only 875 days away: close enough to inspire fear. Far enough away to develop a business plan. Win. Win. Win.

This could be your ticket out of the ‘recession.’ And here are just a few ways you could use

  • For the Optimist: You could use to become a coach who helps people survive 2012. Some people believe that there will be a spiritual rebirth after all this unsustainable stuff goes poof.
  • For the Cheerful Nihilist: You could use to be the type of coach who inspires people to map out the next 875 days for optimal fulfillment before THE END.

Shut. Up. It’s true.

But wait! Want more proof?

I asked my Facebook friends, “If the Mayans were right and December 2012 really is the end of the world, what is the upside? No more student loans, What else?”

Here are a few of my favorite responses. Feel free to add yours to the comments.

  • Knowing that I didn’t waste any of my precious life watching John Cusack try to be an action star in “2012.” – CMB
  • uh, we get to witness THE END OF THE WORLD! How many other people have gotten to say that? NONE. We go down in history. -DB
  • Fewer Twilight sequels? -KPH
  • I like how you see the positive in Armageddon -KSN
  • We’ll all know each other’s status without having to post it! -SW

…and many more. Over 20 people responded and liked the question and liked the responses and the likes. Almost 30 people participated in 18 hours! And they don’t even know about [Insert crazy buy now button here!]

You want in on the action. You want this domain name. Or maybe you know someone who does.  Email me and tell me what you want to do with it, how you would use it, and why.

Or, make me a sellout and just offer me some cold, hard cash.

Maybe you’re intrigued, but this domain, this business, just feels not quite right. No worries. I have many more domain names where this one came from. Why, just tonight I bought: It’s true. Get in on the action. Sign up for my email newsletter or get the CAD RSS feed directly to your email inbox.

If ever there was a time for some good old fashioned FAQs.

Q: Are you for real?

A: As much as I ever am.

Q: Do you really own

A: I do own the domain name And I am really interested in giving it to someone to do something fun or interesting with.

But actually, I wrote this because I just need to write sales copy for my classes and I needed a nudge. I HATE SELLING MY OWN STUFF. And I hate ‘sales pages’ unless they are other people’s sales pages. I love helping other people with those.

Anyway, I’m teaching classes in Brooklyn. All of August (and beyond). They are one-off lectures on a variety of topics and they are happening like, real, soon. They start next week.

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  • Kellie

    So, still loving the way your mind works. It’s amazing, inspiring and just plain fun. Better than any roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on.

    As for the part about hating to sell your own stuff….Don’t think of it as selling. That’s not what you’re doing. What you’re doing is sharing. You have a very unique, much-needed ability that lots and lots of people need. We are grateful that you’re willing to share that ability with us. We are more than happy to pay you for your time because:

    a) We know that that mind of yours need food, good fun and a safe place to sleep so it can function at peak performance.
    b) We value and appreciate you and what you do. And,
    c) Paying you for your time is a fair exchange of energy. Without payment, it would feel like we either don’t value you and your gifts and/or like we were taking advantage of you and your gifts. Both of those feelings are real buzz killers and can disrupt the creative flow.

    So, please… SHARE AWAY!!!!

  • Dawn Waldron

    I’m so pleased to know that there are other domain name hoarders out there. I thought I was the only freak!! BUT, given that I’m a DN hoarder you might have to work harder on your sales skills because I’m not buying it ;-) What else are you selling?

  • J. Maureen Henderson/Generation Meh

    Hmm…so many possibilities.

    On a somewhat serious note, I think it would make an excellent hook for a coaching model/approach/product based on a carpe diem philosophy. Play up the finite, fluctuating, fragile nature of life and the need to take ownership of your own existence ASAP and get your damn (financial, emotional, career) house in order. And if it takes throwing in a tongue-in-cheek deadline to push people toward action (nothing like a sense of immediacy), well, so be it. The kitschy marketing potential (Before you die, prioritize!) would just be an awesome bonus.

    I’m more than a little inspired now!

  • Melea

    Thanks for your comments! What else am I selling? I can’t tell you everything now…but the ones I’ve already alluded to are: (can you believe that Eve Ensler’s people didn’t snatch that one up?) So. obvious. And many more…

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