Softest Launch Ever.

by Melea on May 13, 2010

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Welcome. It’s Chief Amusement Designer. And it’s not done–it’ll never be done. And my ideas can’t breathe behind the coming soon sign–and I’m not following my own advice that products and processes are one and the same. And I’m not having much fun playing alone, so I’m just launching Chief Amusement Designer with you watching. I stumbled on this blog with that bald guy and jumped.

Here’s a brief tour.

Job Title Jackpot: Spin it til you get a new job title you like. Make up your own. Want to add one to the machine, submit one!

CAD Libs: It’s like Mad Libs. You give me a verb, noun, adjective, and so on. I use it — for real — in my next post. And I give you credit, a link, a nod, some public appreciation.

Eight Ball (lower left): Random piece of content, my friend.Random piece of content.

Rotating Pictures (top right): Those go to the glossary (soon to be called something else). Not all of the entries have definitions yet; they will be revealed in time.

Background Emoticons: Ha ha. I have a whole big thing written on the history of the EMOTICON. I wanted a way to track content–not only by semantics, but also by emotionality. This was the solution. Whaddya think? Too hard to read? Distracting? Tell me in the comments. By the way, this post’s emoticon is barfing.

Impulse Project: I can’t remember exactly. It was very intricate and awfully important. I have to go back to my notes. Soft. Launch. :)

Be a CAD: Get the Code: If Chief Amusement Designer resonates, grab a rotating badge and put it on your site.

Resident Super Heroes: My people. Many of them I work with. Some of them I admire from afar. Regardless, you should know them.

About: About is about CAD and about me. I have a bunch of different bios. They are randomized. And they are mostly absurd. Because how We talk about Ourselves on About pages is mostly absurd. :) (see also cheerful nihilist. Coming soon.)

Board of Us: If I were in love with any of my ideas, this would be it.

Play With Me: Play with me is where I ask for stuff. It’s usually in preparation for doing an experiment, or producing some content. I want you to participate.

Work With Me: Work with me is where I say some stuff about what I help people with and talk about my fabulous clients and students. I’m taking great care with this page because ultimately it’s about my community.

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