Let’s Play CAD Libs: And Bonus Playful Way to Introduce Strangers Who You Think Should Know Each Other

by Melea on May 20, 2010

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Hi There. Want to play? Down and to the right, on the sidebar it says, “Let’s Play CAD Libs”. It’s like Mad Libs – only you’re playing with me. Here.

How it works: You give me a noun, a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. And I use it in my next post.

So, for example, you could give me a noun like chiropractor or a verb like bombard or an adjective or an adverb, rapid-fire. And then I would use it, or them — seamlessly — like I did here. And then I will link to your big thing.

Try it. Send me a CAD LIB! Please!

Make an Impact: Introduce People Using Mad Libs ‘er CAD LIBS

Now here’s a super practical real-world way to make an impact, avoid an awkward situation, create an awkward situation, or just have a bit of fun using Mad Libs:

Use a Mad Lib to introduce people. Like who you think should date. Or work together. Or know each other.

Below is an example. This is for introducing two people who maybe should date. But in terms of appropriate occasion, sky’s the limit, really. You can cut and paste this and in the [brackets], be sure to add your relevant information.

Dear ___________ and ______________,

I hope you both find my meddling helpful rather than intrusive.  I happen to know that both of you are in the throes of dating and thought that perhaps you could meet up.  In the spirit of making dating fun, I took the liberty of writing a first round of emails–one for each of you–in the style of a MAD LIB.  There is one for each of you below.

1. You’ll each find a list with your name on it asking for specific types of words or phrases below. Fill this out before scrolling down. Do not scroll down until you have completed your list.
2. Then, copy and paste your responses with the corresponding numbers in the email (found below) that I ghost wrote for you.
3. Copy and paste the completed email and send it to it’s intended recipient. Note: [Person 1] should go first.
4. Have fun.

Grammar reminder–in case it’s been awhile…

noun -  person, place, or thing. singular, unless instructed otherwise
verb – action word, present tense, no -ing
adjective – describes a noun

For [Person 1]:

1. Place:
2. Number:
3. Famous Person:
4. Noun:
5. Group of People:
6. Noun:
7. New York Borough:
8. Adjective:
9. Noun:
10. Adjective:
11. Plural Noun:
12. Letter of the Alphabet:
13. An Idiom(atic sentence):

For [Person 2]:
1. Verb:
2.  Noun:
3.  Adjective:
4.  Adjective:
5.  Verb:
6. Noun:
7. Verb:
8. Day of the week:
9.  Local landmark:
10. Color:
11. Item of clothing:

Person 1′s email to Person 2 (don’t read this unless you’ve already filled out your list of words).

Hi Person 2,

[insert your name] heard that I had some fun(ny) speed Speed dating stories and, lucky for me, made this introduction.  A little about me: I’m from [where Person 1 is from], have been in [where they live now], living in 1._________ for 2._____ years, and been working as an [job title -- use job title jackpot, maybe], most notably portraying 3. ___________. I have recently started a new venture resembling a(n) 4.________ where I help 5.___________ find their inner 6._______________.

I was thinking that maybe we could meet up somewhere in 7._______________; perhaps go to a museum, go 8.____________ dancing  or play air 9._________________. Maybe we’ll be 10.______________ and want to eat 11. _______________. I could pick you up on the 12.______ train and either way:  13.______________________.

Person 2′s response to Person 1: (don’t read this unless you’ve filled out your list of words).

Hey Person 1,

Great to 1.  __________ from you!  [your name] has told me a little 2. __________ about you, but I appreciate these 3.  __________  details.  You sound really 4. ______________ .

I have to say, I would usually rather 5. ___________ off a(/n) 6. __________ than go on a blind date, but your invitation sounds too good to 7. ____________!

Why don’t we get together  8. _____________ evening?  You can either email me back to coordinate a time to meet, or we can just meet at 7:00 at  9. _____________ .  Do you know where that is?  I think you’ve seen my facebook profile, so you’ll probably recognize me, but just in case- I’ll be the one wearing a(/n)  10. __________  11. ________________ .

Looking forward to it,

[person 2]

Try it. And let me know how it goes!!

  • http://www.doctordavidmoore.com doctor david moore

    You did it. You used Chiropractor in a post! Great Job!! :-)

  • http://www.chiefamusementdesigner.com Melea

    Well…I kind of cheated on this one. But thanks for noticing! -Melea

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